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From a Security Officer to Product Designer at Facebook  -  How my dream to be world-class came true Jun 1, 2021 Career, Design, Work Five years ago, when I made the transition to product design, my inclination to become a world-class product designer made me look out for where design was leveraged to make a global impact. I admired designers who worked at Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and some of the top tech companies on the planet. My desire was to be amongst the best and to design on a global scale. Today, my dream has come true, and I thought I should share my story with the hope that it inspires someone. Continue reading I’m leaving Booking.com May 31, 2021 Career, Design, Work After almost two years, today marks my last day at Booking.com. My experience at Booking.com reinforces one of my beliefs that the best things that happen to us are things we never plan for. Continue reading How to put up the right UX Design Portfolio for your Dream Job - Part 2 May 5, 2020 Career, Design, Work In this part, I'm sharing my perspective on the primary stuff that makes a great UX portfolio based on my experience, conversations with some senior designer friends who interview designers for the UX Design role, research, and the portfolio that got me my dream job. Continue reading How to put up the right UX Design Portfolio for your Dream Job - Part 1 Dec 6, 2019 Career, Design, Work A while ago, I put up a question on my Twitter and Instagram timelines. The question was: “Are you struggling to put up a portfolio for your dream job? Let’s chat.” Within 24 hours, my DMs were full of messages from various Designers indicating their struggle to put up a portfolio. Why did I ask in the first place? Continue reading Finding the right problem Apr 24, 2017 Work, Career Coming from a design agency world where we focused on visuals and mostly what the client wanted, curiosity and constant learning made me realize that my work as a Designer is far more than what the eyes can see. This led to my search for a deeper purpose of making an impact in the world. Continue reading

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