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Making an App to Optimise Focus & Attention Dec 18, 2022 Experiments, Design, Work Toctic is a focus-time-blocking app that combines the Pomodoro technique and the power of 40hz gamma sound to enhance focus. If you find it hard to focus or find yourself easily distracted, this may be your antidote. Continue reading SpaceBar - Download Recorded Twitter Spaces Jun 25, 2022 Experiments, Design, Work SpaceBar lets you download recorded Twitter Spaces. Continue reading Basicons 2.0 - Basic icons for product design & development Jun 11, 2022 Experiments, Design, Work Basicons is a growing collection of 24 x 24 pixel-perfect icons, handpicked for basic product design and development needs. Continue reading Subzero — Stay in control of your subscription payments Oct 2, 2020 Experiments, Design, Work Subzero gives a unique virtual debit card for every subscription, bringing all your recurring payments in one place so that you can stay in control. Continue reading Basicons - Basic icons for product design & development Jul 22, 2020 Experiments, Design, Work Basicons is a curation of basic icons for product design and developement. Designed with care & precision. Updated & refined weekly. Basicons is designed on a 24x24 grid, with the strokes intact for high customization. Continue reading Random Naval - Tap into Naval Ravikant’s wisdom, thoughts, and quotes Jul 3, 2020 Experiments, Design, Work Naval is a relic of technology, cryptocurrency, and business. His wisdom transcends any specific industry or topic, and lays a blanket of awareness over concepts like the self, systems thinking, constructing meaning, and thriving in life. His understanding of these topic is arguably unrivaled amongst the living. Continue reading

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