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Welcome to my corner on the web.

I am a Designer with over 10 years of experience who strives to achieve the perfect balance between meeting people's needs and achieving business goals.

Currently, I'm building Nicelyformed, a product for simplifying and optimizing data collection and analysis processes.

Previously, I worked at big tech companies like Meta,, Helium Health among others, solving business and people problems in ecommerce, travel and healthcare.

During my spare time, I collaborate with founders and startups to bring their innovative ideas to life and providing guidance on improving existing product experiences.

On this site, you can explore some of my latest creations, experiments, and reflections.

When I'm not at my desk, you can usually find me.. read more

Meta Shops Fashion Strategy

Meta, 2023

I was part of of an ambitious effort to drive adoption and reach product-market fit for Meta Shops by designing fashion shopping experiences and creating a design strategy.

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Digitizing small independent properties, 2021

While at Booking, I helped build a new product that would allow small independent properties to digitize their operations & to compete with larger hotel chains.

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Designing a digital-only bank

Advance, 2019

Consulting for Advance Bank, I helped design a digital-only bank that would allow people access financial services without ever having to visit a physical bank.


I offer consulting services to founders looking to launch a new product, established businesses seeking to improve an existing product, or startups seeking to build a solid design foundation. My expertise are in the following areas:

Product Design

• Launch new idea
• UI/UX design
• Design strategy

I'm excited about opportunities to collaborate with visionary founders who are seeking to bring their ideas to life or transform their existing product offerings.

I specialize in guiding you and your team through the process of identifying opportunities, designing your product from the ground up, and providing expertise in research, design sprint facilitation, user experience, interface design, and design strategy.

Design Audit

• Product assessment
• Usability evaluation
• Design improvement recommendations

If you're seeking to enhance your product's performance and achieve specific business metrics, a design audit is an excellent starting point.

A design audit is a strategic evaluation and analysis of your product or website, aimed at uncovering flaws and identifying opportunities to enhance its usability, experience, and visual aesthetics.

This comprehensive assessment will help me to recommend potential ux tweaks, changes, and features updates that can take your product to the next level.


• Advisory services
• Design standards
• Design team building

I provide advisory services that are tailored for founders and startups seeking a long-term, collaborative approach to design within their organization.

If you're interested in establishing design standards, systems, building a design team, or improving your product experience, I can offer hands-on guidance and support to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Personal Projects

My passion lies in leveraging the immense opportunity of the free web to make useful tools. I have been passionately honing my skills in the thrilling and dynamic frameworks of React and NextJs so that I can build even more better apps. Here are a few successful launches that I am proud of.


Create forms, surveys & questionnaires in seconds with AI.


300+ handcrafted, pixel-perfect icons for product design and development.


A focus-time-blocking app that combines Pomodoro technique and the power of 40hz gamma sound to enhance focus.


Download recorded Twitter Spaces.


Writing allows me to express myself, learn, reflect, and share perspectives to build connections and understanding. I often write about design, product development, personal growth, and career experiences.

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