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Making an App to Optimise Focus & Attention Dec 18, 2022 Experiments, Design, Work Toctic is a focus-time-blocking app that combines the Pomodoro technique and the power of 40hz gamma sound to enhance focus. If you find it hard to focus or find yourself easily distracted, this may be your antidote. Continue reading SpaceBar - Download Recorded Twitter Spaces Jun 25, 2022 Experiments, Design, Work SpaceBar lets you download recorded Twitter Spaces. Continue reading Basicons 2.0 - Basic icons for product design & development Jun 11, 2022 Experiments, Design, Work Basicons is a growing collection of 24 x 24 pixel-perfect icons, handpicked for basic product design and development needs. Continue reading From a Security Officer to Product Designer at Facebook  -  How my dream to be world-class came true Jun 1, 2021 Career, Design, Work Five years ago, when I made the transition to product design, my inclination to become a world-class product designer made me look out for where design was leveraged to make a global impact. I admired designers who worked at Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and some of the top tech companies on the planet. My desire was to be amongst the best and to design on a global scale. Today, my dream has come true, and I thought I should share my story with the hope that it inspires someone. Continue reading I’m leaving Booking.com May 31, 2021 Career, Design, Work After almost two years, today marks my last day at Booking.com. My experience at Booking.com reinforces one of my beliefs that the best things that happen to us are things we never plan for. Continue reading The Business Impact of Design Jan 20, 2021 Design, Work My goal for writing this article is to amplify the business value that design can have beyond product and UX. It's an attempt to broaden perspectives on the role of design in business, and what people think about when they hear or say "Design", especially in the context of startups/businesses. I hope that after you read this article, you'll be more informed on how to leverage design beyond product and UX. Continue reading Subzero — Stay in control of your subscription payments Oct 2, 2020 Experiments, Design, Work Subzero gives a unique virtual debit card for every subscription, bringing all your recurring payments in one place so that you can stay in control. Continue reading Basicons - Basic icons for product design & development Jul 22, 2020 Experiments, Design, Work Basicons is a curation of basic icons for product design and developement. Designed with care & precision. Updated & refined weekly. Basicons is designed on a 24x24 grid, with the strokes intact for high customization. Continue reading Random Naval - Tap into Naval Ravikant’s wisdom, thoughts, and quotes Jul 3, 2020 Experiments, Design, Work Naval is a relic of technology, cryptocurrency, and business. His wisdom transcends any specific industry or topic, and lays a blanket of awareness over concepts like the self, systems thinking, constructing meaning, and thriving in life. His understanding of these topic is arguably unrivaled amongst the living. Continue reading Nature’s loop Jun 5, 2020 Life Every idle moment strikes me with pain The thought that every second must count Things I must do lined up in chains When I look at my calendar, I Continue reading How to put up the right UX Design Portfolio for your Dream Job - Part 2 May 5, 2020 Career, Design, Work In this part, I'm sharing my perspective on the primary stuff that makes a great UX portfolio based on my experience, conversations with some senior designer friends who interview designers for the UX Design role, research, and the portfolio that got me my dream job. Continue reading An idea that can help you save time, and maybe alleviate some anxiety Apr 7, 2020 Life, Work With a crisis like Covid-19 – people dying, jobs being lost, a diminishing economy, and a high level of uncertainty; anxiety and fear are bound to take their place, leaving us in a bad state. One can agree that our phones are the go-to place when we have negative emotions, but the irony is that our phones might worsen the situation – impacting our productivity and stealing our time. Working from home, I found a trick that helps me stay away from my phone to focus on the important stuff. Continue reading From Chaos to Sanity — How meditation is changing my life Mar 3, 2020 Life I started meditation practice in late 2017, and it came from a feeling that I was losing my mind, my cognition, my ability to stay focused on one thing at a time. Fear, anxiety, and worry overwhelmed me. My productivity was impacted, and so was my confidence in myself, my joy, my work, my relationships, and my emotional states, but a 10 minutes daily routine is changing all that. Continue reading How to put up the right UX Design Portfolio for your Dream Job - Part 1 Dec 6, 2019 Career, Design, Work A while ago, I put up a question on my Twitter and Instagram timelines. The question was: “Are you struggling to put up a portfolio for your dream job? Let’s chat.” Within 24 hours, my DMs were full of messages from various Designers indicating their struggle to put up a portfolio. Why did I ask in the first place? Continue reading On Taking a Break. 6 most important lessons I’ve learned, and what’s next. Jan 10, 2019 Life In 2018, I decided to take a break from the world and spend time with myself; following a lack of motivation with the work I was doing. In the end, taking a break helped in finding back that spark, and here are the most important things I learned. Continue reading 10 Tools & Apps That Made Me A Better Designer In 2017 Dec 27, 2017 Tools, Productivity, Design, Work 2017 was a profound year for me as a designer. Amongst many things that propelled me to becoming a better designer were some tools and apps. Continue reading The Role of a Designer in Early-Stage Startups Nov 15, 2017 Design, Work Before working for startups, I always thought the work of a Designer in a product-focused startup is solely to design the product — the UI and UX as most people would call it. But I was wrong. Working for startups, here's what I've learned. Continue reading Design is done when the problem is solved Jul 5, 2017 Design As a Designer or a client, what does it mean to design or redesign something? What does our client want from us, and how can we as designers make a meaningful impact and amplify our work's worth? Continue reading Finding the right problem Apr 24, 2017 Work, Career Coming from a design agency world where we focused on visuals and mostly what the client wanted, curiosity and constant learning made me realize that my work as a Designer is far more than what the eyes can see. This led to my search for a deeper purpose of making an impact in the world. Continue reading

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