Product Designer with over 10 years of experience in building products, better design processes and systems to enable people and enhance businesses.


Product Designer & Co-Founder

Building the next generation of AI powered data collection and analysis.

Product Designer

I was part of of an ambitious effort to drive adoption and reach product-market fit for Meta Shops by designing fashion shopping experiences and creating a design strategy.

UX Designer

I helped design experiences for partner facing products tailored to small independent property owners & ensuring they have the tools they need to grow their business and provide the best experience for their guests.

Product Designer

At BETA Studios, I lead the design team in crafting digital experiences, identities, and product roadmap for startups, and businesses.

Lead UI/UX Designer

I established a design foundation within the company, and helped the company deliver products to the African market.

Product Designer

I lead the design team at Helium Health in accelerating West Africa's transition to an electronic/data-driven healthcare system.

Lead Designer

Ideation, designing apps, and websites.I worked on major branding projects, crafting logos, brand identities, icons, and brand collaterals.

Graphic Designer

I worked on multiple projects for clients and brands. Ranging from brand identity to website design and graphic design.


Product Design, Software Engineering, Photography, Graphic Design

Discovering the boundless learning opportunities online unlocked my relentless curiosity. Having studied Accountancy in university, I dropped out in my final year to pusure my passions in design and technology. Over the last decade, I've actively nurtured these passions - teaching myself design, coding, photography and music production through web-based learning. Currently, I am deeply engaged in expanding my capabilities further by delving into the realms of product development and entrepreneurship.

  • • Design Strategy

  • • Product Design

  • • Design Sprint Facilitation

  • • Research

  • • React & NextJs

  • • Relentless curiousity

  • • Systems thinker

  • • Ownership

  • • Communication

  • • Collaboration

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